Meet Our Featured BFF Bethany...

Bellezza. Fiori. had the pleasure of working with this beautiful bride earlier this fall and we wanted to share her story with all of our BFFs!  

Bellezza. Fiori. : How did you meet your husband?

BFF: We met at a going away party that I threw for a mutual friend (who happened to be our officiant at the wedding). We had the same group of friends, but just did not know each other.

Bellezza. Fiori. : Tell us a little bit about your story together, (how long you've been with each other, how did he propose, what do you love most about your husband, anything unique to you as a couple)! 

BFF: We were together for 7 years prior to our wedding. Our first two years were long distance. My husband lived in Maryland and had already graduated from Pitt. I was beginning my Junior year at Pitt. After 5 years, he proposed in the most teasing way possible. I told him I never wanted a holiday proposal, so he did it Feb 15th. We went out to breakfast on Mount Washington and went to the overlook, he started saying very sweet things to me, and then told me it was time to go. The remainder of the day was spent that way with sweet things said in important locations to us. He did not propose until after 11pm!! When he finally proposed, it was on the lock bridge between Pitt's campus and Phipps. It was in the same spot where we first told each other we loved each other.


Bellezza. Fiori. : What is your favorite thing to do together in your free time?

BFF: We have a quest to go on as many roller coasters as possible. We even hit up an amusement park in Copenhagen on our honeymoon to check off one of the oldest roller coasters in the world. We also love winter activities and try to go ice skating and skiing whenever possible.

Bellezza. Fiori. : How did you decide what time of year, theme, and colors you wanted for your wedding day? 

BFF: Living in Baltimore, my husband has had to put up with being in purple a few times for weddings, so we thought we'd repay the favor. We are huge sports fans and went with black and gold. We both aren't originally from Pittsburgh but consider the city our home. I've always wanted a fall wedding and we originally wanted Sept 5th since our birthdays are Aug 25th and Oct 15th. The venue played a part in using the 12th which we were fine with. We used the Heinz History Center and Pittsburgh sports for our theme. We wanted to play off the funky vibe of the venue and incorporated player numbers for tables and had footballs and baseballs on the tables mixed in the flowers.

Bellezza. Fiori. : What colors, themes, time of year, etc. did you choose? 

BFF: We had a fall wedding with black and gold as our colors

Bellezza. Fiori. : What was your most memorable detail of your big day? 

BFF: When we were waiting to enter the reception. My husband and I were in a different room than the rest of our bridal party. It was the first time we were completely alone all day. It was wonderful to just have each other to think about what we had just gone through.

Bellezza. Fiori. : What advice do you have for future brides looking to start planning their big day? 

BFF: Decide what is important to you and focus on those details. For me it was that I wanted my friends to have fun so the DJ was important. I also love photography so having two shooters at our wedding was a big thing for me to have. Luckily we found an amazingly talented photographer to capture our day

      Photographer:   Steven Dray  &     Venue: Heinz History Center        


Photographer: Steven Dray & Venue: Heinz History Center